Alyfe Wellness Program Reminders!

Earn up to $100 in gift cards for you and $50 for your spouse if you are currently on the medical plan and choose to participate in the Alyfe wellness program!

Maybe you've heard people talking about the wellness program, but you're not really sure what that means. MCSEIC is working with Alyfe to reward you when you meet key wellness goals.

So what do you need to do? It's SIMPLE!

  1. Register at
  2. Complete a health risk assessment online ($25)
  3. Participate in a health screening ($50 employee)
    • You may either participate in your district's screening (if they host one) or have one in your physician's office and have them complete the physician form available online and upload it to your wellness portal
    • Spouses must participate in a screening AND complete their health risk assessment to receive $50
  4. Complete an online Education Session in the wellness portal OR attend one of two Benefits Education Seminars held by Gallagher Benefit Services, our Consortium's consultant, in the fall or spring. ($25)

Refer to the detailed Alyfe Wellness Program Guide with additional questions.

How to Install the MyWellApp on your smart phone!

  1. Download and install the "MyWellApp" from the Google Play or Apple App Store on your smart phone.
  2. Using a web browser, go to the portal, select your avatar and click "Mobile Access."
  3. When the new Mobile Access window opens, click "New."
    • When you click new, a new mobile access code will be generated. These codes will expire after 24 hours and are only applicable for the user's account.
  4. Open the MyWellApp on your smart phone. Take the access code that was generated on the portal and type it in to the "Access Code" field on the application. After typing in the access code, tap "Login."
  5. You should now be in the app! The MyWellApp should function exactly like the full portal (just on a smaller screen).
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