The Secrets to Lasting Behavior Change

Do you struggle to make lasting changes when it comes to improving your wellbeing?

Do you routinely fall back into old habits after doing well for a couple of weeks?

If the answer is yes, try these secret ingredients:

Create exciting goals
Do you feel excited when you think about your goals? If you want to achieve your goals, they must excite you. They have to be compelling enough that you look forward to investing your time and energy in taking action to reach them. If they do not, or if you dread working on them, they probably are not the right goals for you. Whenever you feel stuck, it might be the time to consider revising or changing your goal.

Build a strong support network
Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you, and limit your exposure to those that derail your efforts. This might mean limiting the time you spend with certain people or the activities you engage in.

Find alternatives
When you find yourself tempted to veer off the path that leads to your goals, have some alternatives ready. Create a list of possible substitutes in advance, so you have other healthy options to choose from.

Do you tend to check goals off your list and move right along to the next one without acknowledging your success? Take a moment to celebrate each achievement and milestone you reach.

Lasting behavior change requires exciting goals, a supportive network, a plan to overcome roadblocks, and taking time to celebrate your milestones and achievements.

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