Our insurance benefits company, Gallagher & Associates, have put together a monthly newsletter to help remind members to take time for themselves, learn to meditate, begin healthier practices and most importantly - manage their stress. Check out some of the highlights below, and download the Stress Management Newsletter here. 

Find a Little “Me” Time During the Workday 

It’s 2 o’clock on a Monday afternoon, and you realize you still have 8 hours of work to complete. Does this sound familiar? Some days, it can seem like you spend all your time putting out fires, fielding team questions, attending meetings, and trying to remember what in the world you are working on. Taking time for yourself in the middle of the busy workday might seem impossible at first, but when you consider the benefits that are tied to taking good care of yourself, you might just change your mind. 

Whether you call it “me” time or simply taking micro breaks, the evidence is clear that taking periodic breaks helps you think more clearly and solve problems more quickly—not to mention you will probably be more enjoyable to be around. 

8 Tips For Stress Management

Eating healthy isn’t hard, and making healthier meals only means making small adjustments to how you shop and prepare food. To get you started, check out these ten tips.

1. Talk to People you Trust

Sharing concerns with someone else helps you feel better, even if the problem can't be solved immediately. 

2. Be Physically Active Throughout the Day

What that means could be different for everyone, but a consistently active lifestyle reduces mental tension and your risk of depression. 

3. Plan and Organize

A little preparation goes a long way. Create to-do lists, plan out your time and prepare in advance to make your day go a little bit smoother.

4. Sleep - and Give Up Other Bad Habits

It really is incredible how much poor habits impact a person's stress level. 

5. Let Yourself Laugh

Even when you're by yourself. You don't win any awards for not laughing, so you might as well have a little fun. 

6. Donate Time to Others 

Helping others is a great way to help yourself. Selfless acts improve a person's immediate outlook and, with regular practice, sense of self-worth. 

7. Keep Perspective

In the long-term, it really doesn't matter if you mow the lawn today. When you feel tension rising, ask yourself what tasks need to be taken care of and what tasks can wait. 

8. Find Time for Yourself

It could be as simple as 5-15 minutes each day. Find a pocket of time where you can be alone, then use that time for quiet reflection, or to practice deep breathing techniques and empty your mind. 

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