65 Rewarding New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy Life

The best resolutions often enrich your emotional health and spirit

Build a better budget
Practice mindfulness
Cook something new each week
Read more books
Create a cleaning schedule you’ll stick to
Drink less alcohol
Make dinner easier
Weekly meal prep planner with grocery lists
Commit to a healthier sleep routine
Join a club
Quit smoking
Learn to love vegetables
Prioritize annual health screenings
Exercise your brain
Become a plant owner
Take the stairs
Start doing yoga with your partner
Plan a vacation
Head to a day spa
Make time for cuddling
Drink up
Chill out
Volunteer regularly
Consider therapy
Get in a body-positive mindset
Listen to novels while you work out
Lift weights
Give your feet better support
Try a guided workout or class
Try a new diet plan
Learn a new skill
Continue fun learning at home
Stop procrastinating a tough decision
Decorate with family history
Try hydrotherapy
Delegate more chores
Keep clutter out of the kitchen
Wear workout gear that makes you feel good
Upcycle your wardrobe
Explore new hobbies
Ride a bike
Give yourself a new look
Invest in your skincare routine
Play upbeat music
Start walking more
Write to yourself
Do one thing at a time
Make chaotic zones calm
Embrace your new work schedule
Make your bed every morning
Go to bed on time
Stay glued to the windows for sunshine
Treat yourself to more facials
Give yourself more compliments
Head outside without your phone
Say goodbye to toxic friends
Be current about the news
Add more citrus to your grocery cart
Eat blueberries and walnuts
Bathe for a better sleep
Take more trips with no destination in mind
Ease stress with kindness toward yourself
Get artsy
Make your home more fragrant
Makeover your daily routine

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