IMPACT Solutions

Program Overview

A program available to you and your family offering access to confidential, professional support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All IMPACT counselors are qualified masters/doctoral level positions. Click here to access the website.

Program Features

Click here to download the above PDF of the Impact Solutions features.

How to Sign up for Access to the Website

  1. Visit the Impact Solutions Website:
  2. Click Member Portal & App
  3. Select 'Sign Up'
  4. Enter Group name: Mahoning
  5. Follow remaining prompts to create your acocunt.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens when I call IMPACT for assistance?

    Regardless of when you call (day or night), you will speak with a mental health professional who can provide you with the support and guidance to navigate your present situation. Authorizations for counseling and other resource referrals are coordinated by our Triage Counselors during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). They will identify a network provider that is suited to meet your needs, answer any questions you may have about the counseling process, and follow up to make sure your needs have been met and you do not need any further assistance.

    Will my employer know when I use the program?

    All services are confidential and governed by federal and state laws. Information will not be shared without your consent or as mandated by law. Using the program will not affect your job security or advancement and all organizational policies and procedures remain in effect.

    Who pays for the program?

    The IMPACT Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program is available to you free of charge, courtesy of your employer.

    Who is eligible for the program?

    All employees, household members, dependents in and away from home, and parents/parents-in-law are eligible to use any of the IMPACT services.

    Please note: EAP counseling services are intended for brief counseling interventions. Certain professional treatment services, such as medical care, psychiatric service, long-term counseling/psychotherapy or testing are not included in the EAP offerings. In the event that such services are needed, refer to your health care plan for an explanation of covered services.

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