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Hot Tip #9: Telemedicine Change

Telemedicine: Live Health Online - Effective July 1, 2017 Effective July 1, 2017: Live Health Online will be replacing Teladoc When Should I Use This? Live Health Online is an option for care when your doctor isn’t available and more convenient… read more »

Hot Tip #10: Drug Coverage Changes

Prescription Drug Changes Effective July 1, 2017 a specialty drug copay of $100 was introduced to the plan What is a "Specialty Drug"? These are high cost prescription medications used to treat complex, chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis,… read more »

Hot Tip #11: Specialty Prescription Drug Changes

"Specialty" Prescription Drugs Effective July 1, 2017 a specialty drug copay of $100 was introduced to the plan The copay and the 30-day supply limit was added in response to the rapid rate of expensive specialty drugs entering the market and to engage… read more »

Hot Tip #12: Telemedicine: LiveHealth Online

Telemedicine: LiveHealth Online LiveHealth Online lets you have a video visit with a board-certified doctor using your smartphone, tablet computer with a webcam. No appointments, no driving and NO WAITING! How Much Does It Cost? Using LiveHealth Online… read more »

Hot Tip #13: Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide Oh, the holidays! The fun! The food! The stressful traveling and blown budgets and...FOOD. Here are some tips for riding it all out. Have your provider information handy: Make sure you are aware of your Primary Care Physician/Convenience… read more »

Hot Tip #15: Reading your Anthem EOB

Reading Your Anthem Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Your EOB outlines the cost of your care, but it’s NOT A BILL. Anthem will send you an EOB each time a doctor or hospital files a claim for your care. For every doctor visit or service, your EOB shows the… read more »

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