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10 Tips For Building Healthier Meals

10 Tips For Building Healthier MealsEating healthy isn’t hard, and making healthier meals only means making small adjustments to how you shop and prepare food. To get you started, check out these ten tips.1. 50% Veggies and FruitWhen you’re planning a meal,… read more »

Drug Class Preferred Alternatives

Drug Class Medications not on the National Drug List Preferred alternatives Diabetes - rapid-acting insulin Admelog, Apidra, Fiasp, Novolin, Novolog Humulin, Humalog Diabetes - SGLT2/combos Farxiga, Glyxambi,… read more »

Get your Diabetic Supplies at NO COST to you

Get your Diabetic Supplies at NO COST to you! Each insurance provider has different policies. With Anthem, there is a specific process that MUST be followed for your diabetic supplies to be covered at 100%. To receive your diabetic supplies at… read more »

How Do PPO Benefits Work?

Definitions and Your Benefits PLEASE NOTE: The information below describes in-network benefits only. What is my Deductible? The amount you pay for all covered health care services before your health insurance begins to pay. Your plan has a $300… read more »

Hot Tip #5: Preventive Care

Preventive Care is Covered at NO COST TO YOU!* Studies show: Seven out of ten deaths among Americans each year are from chronic conditions and, as a nation, 75% of our healthcare spending is on those with chronic conditions. (1) Help maintain or improve… read more »

Hot Tip #2: Ask About Prescriptions

Getting a prescription for the first time? ASK QUESTIONS! Is there an over the counter drug I can try first? Is there a generic equivalent? Is the drug on my insurer's preferred list? Should I try it for 7 days before getting a 30-day supply? Just… read more »

Hot Tips #3: My Care Compare Tool

Use the My Care Compare tool to get the most for your money! The My Care Compare tool can be found under My Health Plan after logging into your account. Member needs an MRI of the Head: Akron Children's: $3,000 Trumbull Memorial:… read more »

Hot Tip #4: Emergency Room Visits

The Emergency Room is for EMERGENCIES! Studies show: Of pations who visited the emergency room but were not admitted to the hospital, 48% went there because their doctor's office was not open. Minute Clinic/Urgent Care Physician's Office Emergency… read more »

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