Reading Your Anthem Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Your EOB outlines the cost of your care, but it’s NOT A BILL. Anthem will send you an EOB each time a doctor or hospital files a claim for your care. For every doctor visit or service, your EOB shows the service received, the cost of the service and the benefits that apply to the service you received. Below are the four main components of your Anthem EOB with an explanation:

Hot Tip #15: Reading your Anthem EOB

  1. Claim Tracking Details: Contains information to track the specific service; includes who received the service and their relationship to you, the provider name and their network status.
  2. Service Details: Includes the date you received the service, the services received and any explanation of payment reason codes.
  3. Charges: Includes the amount billed by the provider, Anthem’s discount or allowed amount and how much is owed to the provider.
  4. Payments: This section shows how much your health plan owes the provider, your copay (if applicable), how much you need to pay as part of your deductible, your coinsurance or the cost for services that aren’t covered under your plan. If charges are not covered, your provider may bill you for these charges.
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